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We offer virtual appointments as well as limited in-person appointments for couples who wish to obtain a marriage license. Our virtual appointments are among the best in the Commonwealth, given our e-signature and print-at-home options couples can complete the entire process on a smartphone and without ever having to leave home. Couples should begin the process of applying for their marriage license at least thirty (30) days in advance.

Requests for copies of your marriage records can now be placed online through our e-commerce store, by mail, and locked dropbox. We also now offer free online access to our marriage records database, so you may search our information from the comfort of your home.


1. Getting a Marriage License: We offer virtual appointments and limited in-person appointments only. You should review the Delco ROW Marriage License Appointment Guide.

Couples should begin this process at least thirty (30) days before their wedding date. It takes time to prepare your materials and schedule an appointment and there is a three-day waiting period mandated by statute.

We are scheduling 30-minute virtual marriage license appointments via Microsoft Teams (a free video platform) and limited in-person appointments, for Delaware County, Pennsylvania residents only AND for out-of-state and out-of-county couples who will be celebrating their special day at a Delaware County, PA venue who have documented confirmation. You will need a video camera such as a smartphone or laptop for virtual appointments. The fee for a marriage license is $60.00 (+$1.80 technology/CC fee) and must be paid online through ConvergePay prior to your appointment. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED WORD THAT THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH OUR VENDOR’S SYSTEM THAT REQUIRES A SYSTEM UPDATE, AND THAT AT THIS TIME, ALL USERS SHOULD MANUALLY TYPE IN BOTH THEIR BILLING AND SHIPPING ADDRESS AND * NOT * CHECK THE BOX THAT PERMITS COPYING OF THE BILLING INFORMATION TO THE SHIPPING INFORMATION. OTHERWISE YOUR CC INFORMATION WILL BE INCORRECTLY DECLINED. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS HASSLE.

The Video Walkthrough of Scheduling Your Marriage License Appointment is available here:

We will schedule your appointment only AFTER you have completed the Marriage License Online Pre-Application Form AND paid the $60 fee (+$1.80 technology/CC fee) by credit card for your license online through ConvergePay AND emailed (1) copies of your state-issued IDs, (2) your Online Payment: Order Confirmation Email received from ConvergePay, and (3) any certified divorce decrees and/or death certificates, if applicable, to

2. Getting a Marriage Record: We provide e-copies, paper certified copies, and paper exemplified copies. Requests usually take 10-14 days from receipt to process, and additional delays may be experienced due to the coronavirus emergency. For more information, navigate to Ordering Marriage Records.

3. Online Records Search: Marriage Licenses
The Register of Wills office now offers all members of the public the ability to search the existence of marriage records (but not images of documents, such as the actual license) of our records anytime for free by proceeding to our portal, clicking the LOGIN AS GUEST button (no username/password is required), selecting Search Public Records option, selecting Marriage Names, and searching for your record. This eliminates the need for individuals to wait for our office to confirm whether Delaware County, PA is where you applied for your marriage record. It will also cut down on the number of instances when a marriage record is ordered from us in error, as users can first check to determine if the marriage record is in our records. We are not offering images of documents such as the license itself at this time due to privacy concerns, but users can still proceed with a purchase of a marriage record that we have by proceeding to Online Ordering of Copies. For a video walkthrough of how to use this service, please view the Searching for the Existence of Marriage Records Online video or click below:


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