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Civic participation is a cornerstone of our democracy, and poll workers are a critical component of the American electoral process and serve a vital role in ensuring the integrity of our vote. We thank poll workers for their service!

This page provides news, information and training resources for current poll workers. If you are not a current poll worker and are interested in applying, please go to our Becoming a Poll Worker page. All poll workers are paid for their time.

Due to the large number of applications we have received for poll worker positions for the November 2020 General Election, we are unable to respond to all who submitted an application. If you have applied to work at the polls at the General Election and you have not heard back from us, we may have already filled the positions. We will contact you if a position becomes available.

COVID-19 Precautions

Delaware County is committed to taking all necessary precautions to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19 during the upcoming election. All polling locations will adhere strictly to CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines. Poll workers and poll watchers will be required to wear a face covering/mask, maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet, and wash hands and surfaces frequently.

All polling locations will be well equipped with COVID-19 PPE Kits that will include written COVID-19 procedures, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, face masks, face shields, disposable pens, and other items to ensure the health and safety of poll workers, voters and poll watchers.

Poll Worker Contact Information: Please Complete

We ask that all current poll workers complete this brief form to ensure that we have your preferred email and phone number(s). Please note that all communication regarding poll worker training will be sent via email and posted on this website. No information related to poll worker responsibilities or training will be sent by mail.

Delaware County Poll Worker Contact Form

Poll Worker Training

Training is offered before each election and is mandatory for all poll workers. Poll workers should expect to commit at least two hours to an in-depth, hands-on training sessions.

Official Delaware County Poll Worker training materials—in both video and PDF format—will be posted below by no later than Monday, October 5. An email will be sent to all poll workers who will be working the November 2020 General Election once the materials are accessible.

We have also posted additional supplemental poll worker training information from the State and the voting machine vendor to help ensure that all poll workers are prepared and comfortable with their responsibilities on Election Day.

Delaware County Poll Worker Training and Guidance

Note: An email will be sent to all poll workers scheduled to work the November 2020 General Election when the materials listed below are posted and ready for use.

Polling Place Preparations

How to Plan Your Polling Site Including Combined Precincts [PDF]

Safely Working the Election during COVID [VIDEO]

Cage/Equipment Set Up and Opening

Unpacking the Cage [VIDEO]

Setting up the Equipment [VIDEO]

Setting up Verity Scan [PDF]

How to Use Verity Scan [PDF]

Voting with Verity Scan [PDF]

Setting Up the Verity Touch Writer [PDF]

Opening the Polls with Verity Touch Writer [PDF]

Voting with Verity Touch Writer [PDF]

Election Day

Election Day Guide for Poll Workers [PDF]

Election Day Processing and Assisting Voters [VIDEO/PPT]

Guide to Provisional Ballots [PDF]

Closing the Polls | Cage/Equipment Take Down

Closing the Polls with Verity Scan [PDF]

Closing the Polls with Verity Touch Writer [PDF]

Best Practices and Reports List [PDF]

Repacking the Cage [VIDEO]

End of Night Procedures [PDF]

Supplemental Training: HART Verity Scan Voting System

This training video provides great information on the operation of our vendor’s Verity Scan voting system, including detailed instructions covering the set-up of the ballot box, powering up the device, configuring the tablet, opening the polls, printing reports, and more.

HART Verity Scan Voting System

Supplemental Training: Privacy, Protocols & Chain of Custody Processes

These training videos provide poll workers with critical information necessary to the performance of their duties on Election Day. Poll Workers should review these materials to ensure the integrity of the electoral process at their polling place.

Polling Place Rules and Regulations [PDF]

This is a comprehensive video explaining the entire process of opening, setting up, and closing all election materials that will be delivered to the polling places.

Poll Worker Training Module: Voter Identification [4 minutes 18 seconds]

Poll Worker Training Module: Voters with Disabilities [5 minutes 27 seconds]

Poll Worker Training Module: Voters with Limited English Proficiency [5 minutes 16 seconds]

State Guidance on Voter Privacy [PDF]

Chain of Custody Process Steps [PDF]

Becoming a Poll Worker

Poll workers — also referred to as “Election Officers” — are a critical component of the American election process and serve a vital role in ensuring the integrity of our vote. Responsibilities include signing in registered voters, explaining voting procedures and the use of voting equipment, providing ballots, and monitoring the conduct of the election.

Go to our Becoming a Poll Worker page for details about how to apply.


If you have questions, please contact the Bureau of Elections by phone at (610) 891-4673 or by email at DelcoElection@co.delaware.pa.us.

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