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To ensure the health of voters, poll workers, and campaign workers during the 2020 General Election, all individuals who are on-site or near an active Delaware County polling place, Voter Service Center, or Ballot Drop Box are expected to follow appropriate safety procedures related to COVID-19, as defined by the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

All Delaware County poll workers are required to wear a face covering/mask in the polling place. Voters, campaign workers, poll watchers, and members of the media in or near an active Delaware County polling place or Voter Service Center, or Ballot Drop Box are asked to wear a face covering/mask. If a voter refuses to wear a face mask/covering when in the polling place, the Judge of Elections at each polling place is empowered to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of poll workers and voters.

To protect the health of others, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please inform the Judge of Elections to ensure that accommodations are taken by the poll workers to ensure that materials are disinfected and the safety of other voters and poll workers and other voters are taken into consideration.

Voting Safety Procedures Checklist

Wear a face covering while at the voting location.

Keep 2 arms’ length distance from other people.

Wash hands before and after entering the voting location.

Use hand sanitizer after touching doors or voting equipment.

Bring a ballpoint pen to avoid touching high-contact surfaces.

Poll Worker Protection & Responsibilities

There will be written COVID-19 procedures provided to poll workers at each location.

All polling places will be provided with a COVID-19 PPE Kit that will include disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, face masks, face shields, disposable pens and other items to ensure the health and safety of poll workers, voters and poll watchers.

Poll workers will be required to wear a face covering/mask during the course of their duties.

Campaign Workers

In addition to the requirement that campaign workers remain 10 feet away from the door to the polling place room, we also ask campaign workers to follow the same COVID-19 guidelines, following physical distancing protocols and wearing face coverings/masks.

Campaign workers must refrain from leaving any hand-held printed materials on site. Such materials will be thrown away by poll workers to limit contact and reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spread.

Want more information about how to stay safe while voting?

For the complete list of CDC recommendations for voters, election officials, and poll workers, please review the CDC’s Considerations for Election Polling Locations and Voters web page.

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