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The PA Department of Agriculture Food Employee Certification Act, 3 Pa C.S.A. 6501 - 6510 was amended and signed into Law on November 24, 2010 and took effect January 22, 2011.

The Act Food Employee Certification Act, 3 Pa C.S.A. 6501 - 6510, as amended, requires one supervisory employee per food facility to become certified in food safety and sanitation by taking a nationally recognized food manager certification exam and obtaining a National Certificate of Completion.  National exams are those that have been approved by the Conference of Food Protection.  There are many facilitators of these courses and exams throughout Pennsylvania.   Nationally recognized exams include: Prometrics, National Restaurant Association (ServSafe).

The Act does not require the certified person to be on premises during all hours of business, but does require that they be available during all hours of operation.  When in the facility, the certified supervisory employee is the Person-in-Charge (PIC).

The course Certification Certificate must be posted in the facility in view of the public.

New establishments will have 90 days to comply with the Act; existing establishments which are not in compliance due to employee turnover or other loss of certified person shall have three (3) months from the date of loss to comply.

A person may only serve as the certified manager for one (1) facility. (Exemption: An event where the facility has multiple stands. Discuss this situation with your Santiarian).

The types of food service establishments that need to comply with the Act include:

  • All Retail Food Facilities making/selling potentially hazardous foods, with some exceptions.
    Restaurants (take-out or eat-in), fast foods to gourmet
    Deli's - make sandwiches, slice meats and cheeses, hot foods
    Snack bars - prepare hot and cold foods
    Prepare pierogies
    Belgium waffles with frozen dessert topping
    Stadiums, race tracks, parks
    Food vendors - hot dogs and other hot and cold foods
    Donut shops that prepare sandwiches, etc.
    Bars, clubs
    Recreational facilities
    Commissaries, caterers
    Retail Frozen Desserts manufacturers
    Retail bakeries manufacturing products which require refrigeration: cheesecakes, cream filled pies, cannoli, custard pies, meringue pies, etc.
    Fairs/carnivals Juice extract stand (lemonade and other fruits)
    Hot dogs and hamburgers
    Hand dipped ice cream
    Pizza prepared on site
    Fry, grill, cook, roast, steam any foods
    Prepare sandwiches, subs, salads
    Prepare fresh fruit cup

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