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Mission Statement

The overall responsibility of the Delaware County District Court Administrator’s Office is to ensure the timely and efficient processing of criminal and civil actions including family-related issues for the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, 32nd Judicial District while providing quality service to litigants, attorneys and the Court.

The Court Administrator’s Office is primarily responsible for the administration of the criminal, civil, municipal and family sections of the Court. The office also is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the one day/one trial jury system and arbitration program.

The Court Administrator’s Office randomly assigns family, civil and criminal cases to Trial Judges. The office schedules many types of hearings and conferences for the Court including Custody Conciliators and Equitable Distribution hearing officers.

The Court Administrator’s Office annually processes thousands of motions, petitions, stipulations, and applications. The office further assists the Court by providing key information to the general public on a daily basis. The Court Administrator’s Office also is responsible for providing statistics to state and local agencies upon request. For more information, please access The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania's Research & Statistics webpage. The Court Administrator’s Office is responsible for the implementation of policies set by the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas and State Court Administrator.


Administrator: Kenneth Sexton, 610-891-4460

Duties Include:

  • Scheduling arbitration hearings
  • Scheduling arbitrators and assigning them to panels to hear cases
  • Ensuring arbitration hearings run efficiently
  • Processing motions
  • Processing and managing continuance requests


Administrator: Charles McDonald, Esq., 610-891-4562

Duties Include:

  • Managing case assignments
  • Processing bench warrant rescissions
  • Processing bail petitions, arraignments, detainers, and ARD removals
  • Processing all criminal petitions
  • Scheduling Rule 150 hearings
  • Calculating and reporting statistics


Administrator: Denise Hansen, 610-891-4569

Duties Include:

  • Processing first and secondary Protection From Abuse filings
  • Processing alimony, divorce complaints, stipulations, and decrees
  • Processing custody, special relief, and equitable distribution filings
  • Processing continuance requests


Administrator: Nicole Brungard, Esquire, 610-891-4794

Duties Include:

  • Assigning all major (non-arbitration) civil cases to the trial judges
  • Timely processing all motions filed in major civil cases
  • Calculating and reporting detailed case filing and disposition statistics on a monthly basis


Administrator: Nancy Alkins, 610-891-4620

Jury Services and Juror eResponse

Duties Include:

  • Processing juror selections
  • Processing juror date of service
  • Managing juror payroll
  • Managing Juror Donation Program


Administrator: Christina V. Hayes, Esquire, 610-891-6023

Duties Include:

  • Scheduling and managing Miscellaneous Lists
  • Managing Sheriff Sales
  • Processing petitions filed under Local Rule 206
  • Scheduling and managing License Suspension Appeals
  • Scheduling and managing Summary Appeals
  • Processing Zoning Appeals
  • Handling emergency matters

Please be advised that employees of the Office of the Court Administrator are NOT permitted to give legal advice. For information regarding the Delaware County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, please call 610-566-6625.

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