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Important Medical Examiner Office (MEO) Phone Numbers


Business Hours: (484) 894-4682
After 4PM: (484) 861-3898

Can answer general questions about MEO operations and procedures

Provide general information regarding releasing decedents, funeral home information and follow

Bereavement Support Services

Weekdays 9AM-5PM: (484) 750-2150

Provide Grief Resources to families, victim compensation referrals

Can provide a proof of death certification and assist with picking up cremated remains relinquished to MEO

Assist with direct cremations of decedents, services, make payments at

MEO Receptionist

Weekdays: (484) 750-2150

Direct your call, assist with questions and information

Can answer questions pertaining to cremation permits

Verify if body is ready for release to funeral home

MEO Office Manager

(484) 750-2313

Can answer questions about obtaining reports

Requests for reports (fee schedule/online payment options): Click “records”

Can answer questions about collecting belongings or personal effects

Other Important Phone Numbers

Veteran Benefits Programs

(800) 827 1000

Can answer questions about VA burial allowance and other benefits


To locate a Vet Center for assistance with forms and information:

Contact Us

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  •   8:30AM - 4:30PM
           Monday - Friday
  •   610-891-4000

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