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Delaware County Common Pleas Court Offers Online Payments


e-Pay Portal - http://ujsportal.pacourts.us/ePay/Default.aspx

Instructions on How to Use the e-Pay System in PDF:

As part of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's ongoing efforts to improve court collections, Delaware County's Common Pleas Court now offers "e-Pay"—a Web-based application for the state's criminal case management systems that allows defendants to make court payments via the Internet with a credit or debit card.

The e-Pay option provides residents with greater convenience in making payments for court fines, costs and restitution, which is expected to result in an increase in collections.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) is providing this service at no cost to Delaware County. A transaction convenience fee of $2.75 will be charged to the user. A person interested in making court payments online will navigate to the Unified Judicial Web Portal at: http://ujsportal.pacourts.us/ePay/Default.aspx, then search for his/her cases/payment plans.

The payment amount will be entered along with the credit or debit card information. The Web application will send the user a payment confirmation generated by the e-Pay vendor and court officials will get a notification that a payment is pending.

Fines, costs and restitution for criminal cases can be paid through e-Pay. The processing of payments is dependent upon the individual court to which the payment has been made. Courts may restrict certain individuals or cases from online payment.

For more information about the "e-Pay" option to pay court financial obligations, contact the Help Desk at the
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) at 1-877-227-2672.


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