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We are now scheduling virtual probate appointments as well as limited in-person probate appointments, please see below for how to schedule an appointment. We encourage virtual appointments where possible per the guidance of the Chester County Health Department. Probate and Estate records and documents may be ordered online, by mail, or by locked dropbox located just outside our office. We also offer online, free access to our estate record database.


1. Scheduling a Probate Appointment
We schedule 30-minute virtual probate appointments via Microsoft Teams (a free video platform). You should review the Delco ROW Probate Appointment Information Guide, which you can also use as you follow along on our video walkthrough. You will need a printer and a video camera such as a smartphone or laptop for virtual appointments. We will schedule your appointment only AFTER you have BOTH completed the Online Pre-Entry of Petition For Probates AND emailed your documents to Please allow up to two business days for an email response. Thank you for your patience. If you do not have access to a printer and video camera and require immediate assistance, please contact the office so we may help.

The Video Walkthrough of Scheduling Your Probate Appointment is available here:

Many individuals require legal advice during this process and retain the services of an attorney. Our office cannot provide legal advice. If you are looking to obtain some recommendations of Estate Attorneys here in the area, please contact the Delaware County Bar Association at 610-566-6625.

2. Getting Letters and/or Short Certificates: If you need Letters or Short Certificates, please know that you have to first probate the estate. If you have not yet probated the estate, please proceed with the steps for Scheduling a Probate Appointment. If you have already probated an estate and need reissued Short Certificates, please proceed to Online Ordering of Copies.

3. Getting Estate Records and Documents: we process information and payment for other requests, such as those for Letters, Short Certificates, a copy of a will, etc. online. Some requests we send to you via email and others we send via U.S. mail, depending on the request. Please allow 14 business days from receipt for processing. For information about what is available and to make an online purchase, please navigate to Online Ordering of Copies.

4. Online Records Search: Probated Estates
The Register of Wills office now offers all members of the public the ability to search probated estates and data fields (but not images of documents) of our records anytime for free by proceeding to our portal, clicking the LOGIN AS GUEST button (no username/password is required), selecting Search Public Records option, selecting Case Names, and searching for your record. This eliminates the need for individuals to pay and wait for an estate name search that they would rather do themselves. It will also cut down on the number of instances when a document is ordered in error, as users can first check to determine if the document is in our records. We are not offering images of documents at this time due to privacy concerns, but users can still proceed with a purchase of a document that we have by proceeding to Online Ordering of Copies. For a video walkthrough of how to use this service, please view the Searching for Probated Estates Online video or click below:


1. Birth Certificates/Death Certificates

2. Estate Questions

3. Delaware County Bar Association

4. Delco ROW Probate Appointment Information Guide (last updated July 30, 2020)

5. Fee Schedule (effective May 29, 2020)

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7. How to perform an Estate search to see if an Estate was opened or a Will was probated

8. How to order a copy of a probated Will or probate Record

9. How to order additional Short Certificates or Updated Short Certificates for an Estate that has been probated

10. Information on Why Wills Can't Wait

11. Inheritance Tax Forms

12. Inheritance Tax Questions

13. Online Ordering of Copies

14. Online Pre-Entry of Petition For Probates

15. Probate - Seven Common Problems with Wills Submitted

16. Probate Checklist

17. Video Walkthrough: Probate Appointment

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