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Delaware County Upgrades  Emergency Notification System

To sign up for the Delco Community Alert System, please select this link.

If you are having trouble with signing up for alerts or receiving unwanted alerts from Delaware County please contact for assistance.

Whether it’s a severe storm, an Amber alert or a threat to your home or business – Delaware County residents now have an upgraded notification system where they can receive emergency notices through their phones, email and mobile devices.

Delaware County Council announces its enhanced emergency notification system – still called DelcoAlert -- and urges all residents to register to receive alerts regarding a variety of announcements from severe weather to public health concerns.

The DelcoAlert system has been in use since 2008, but as of July 1, has been upgraded using the latest technology. Current subscribers as well as all new subscribers are asked to register for the enhanced service.

Delaware County transitioned from the previous system, ReadyNotifyPA hosted by RSAN, to a system powered by Everbridge. The enhanced emergency notification system, called Delaware County Community Alert System, or Delco Alert, is an enhanced tool to ensure public safety at the highest level in the community.

“The safety of our residents is a top priority” said Delaware County Council Chairman Mario Civera Jr. “Delco Alert is a mass notification system that will alert our residents before, during and after a major emergency. We have the ability to instantly contact thousands of our residents when minutes and even seconds matter.”

Delaware County is one of five suburban counties using the Everbridge notification system, funded through Homeland Security. People can enroll in Delaware County’s DelcoAlert system in addition to the systems of other counties.

“We really encourage residents and businesses to take advantage of this emergency system. This type of alert that pops up on your phone, email or tablet is extremely helpful during a severe storm like we just endured in Delaware County,” Chairman Civera said. “People get warnings, road closures, missing person reports and other critical information.”

DelcoAlert continues to be a free service. It’s simple to register. Sign Up Today ! They register for the alerts they are interested in, and the devices they want to include in the notification process.

The enhanced system incorporates greater technological capabilities and flexibility. The new system will allow users to set up a preferred method of receiving alerts in a pre-selected order. The notification will be sent to all devices, from text and voicemail to email, in the order preferred by the user and stop when the user acknowledges receipt.

The type of notifications is greatly expanded. Municipalities and school districts can also use the DelcoAlert system. Trainings will be offered through the Department of Emergency Services. “The way people receive information is constantly changing and evolving,” Civera said. “County Council is committed to ensuring public safety and the most effective emergency response possible. In a mass emergency, we want to reach our residents as quickly and reliably as possible.”

The Department of Emergency Services sent emails to current subscribers on June 30 informing them of an “invitation to register” request to set up a new account. County Council urges residents to refresh their current account by setting up a new account.

Subscribers can opt in and opt out at any time for the types of alerts they want to receive. “The success of DelcoAlert is made possible when the majority of our residents take advantage of it,” Civera said. “An informed citizenry definitely improves public safety.”

All Delaware County residents, businesses and organizations are encouraged to register.

Delaware County joins Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in the upgrade of its mass emergency notification system.

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