Complete List of Igloo 

GOOD NEWS!  We have expanded what can be accepted at our Recycling Igloo Locations throughout the County.  Instead of source separating your glass and aluminum, you can now place them in one container along with:

Glass Bottles & Jars: Clear–Green –Brown  
Rinse. Labels can remain, remove and recycle lids.

Plastics #1 & #2  -  Bottles only
Drink – Detergent - Hair Care - Ketchup
Rinse.  If the neck of the bottle is smaller than the bottom, recycle after removing and discarding lid.

Bimetallic Cans:  Soup, Vegetable, Tuna, Cat Food, etc.
Rinse. Labels can remain.

Aluminum: Cans, Foil & Pie Plates Rinse.

Please follow the guidelines as listed above.  In order to make your efforts count, place only the items above in our Igloos.

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