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DELCO GREEN ways grant program ROUNDS 1, 2, AND 3


In 2016, following recommendations from the Delaware County Open Space Task Force, County Council authorized a $10 million bond allocation for open space, creating the Delco Green Ways Grant Program. Through this bond, the County has supported open space initiatives across the County.

In October 2019, the inaugural grant round awarded $4.5 million –– leveraging $20 million in matching funds –– to support 102 acres of preserved green space, 7.3 miles of trail development, 18 parks and recreation improvements, and 8 professional services projects (planning, engineering, and/or design). Awards went to the 26 municipalities who applied, totaling 38 grants.

      Table of Round 1 Awarded Projects

      Press Release 2021

      Press Release 2019


The appetite for investment in public spaces had never been stronger as people sought refuge and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The County enthusiastically met the community’s needs by offering additional funding to continue supporting the important planning and park projects throughout the unique communities that comprise Delaware County.

In Round 2 there were 43 projects funded, including one non-profit and 38 municipalities. A total of $7,172,521 was invested throughout Delaware County. The grant award breakdown was:

  • All 16 Mini-PROS Plan applications are to be awarded, for a total of $722,850

  • 9 Planning & Design applications are to be awarded, for a total of $848,315

  • 6 Conserve applications are to be awarded, for a total of $2,186,477 

  • 6 Connect projects are to be funded, for a total of $1,990,809 

  • 6 Enhance projects are to be funded, for a total of $1,424,070 

For details regarding Conserve, Connect, Enhance, Planning & Design, and Mini-PROS Plans awards, download the “Delco Green Ways Grant Round 2 Awards” document.

Review Grant Round 2 program and application materials here:


Community response for grant funding in Round 3 was inspiring and, despite a quick turn-around time, the quality of proposed projects was outstanding, and the competition fierce!  The County received a total of 48 grant applications from 39 communities and 2 nonprofits, requests doubled the available funding.

Council voted to invest $4.99 million in 24 projects located in 23 municipalities. The Round 3 Green Ways Grant awards breakdown is:

  • 3 Mini-PROS Plan projects, totaling $150,00
  • 3 Planning and Design projects, totaling $242,500
  • 3 Conserve projects, totaling $892,500
  • 5 Connect projects, totaling $1,849,000
  • 10 Enhance projects, totaling $1,857,918

Highlights of Round 3’s outstanding accomplishments include:

The grant awards leveraged an additional $5.84 million of outside matching funds, serving as a catalyst for $10.83 million in “on the ground” improvements, and

Just over half of Round 3’s grant funds were devoted to investments in historically disadvantaged communities.

  • For a more detailed breakdown regarding each Conserve, Connect, Enhance, Planning and Design and Mini-Pros Plan award please download the “Delco Green Ways Grant Round 3 Awards”. 

Review Grant Round 3 program and application materials here:

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