Delaware County’s COVID-19 Update for the Week of April 13

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This week Delaware County reported a high number of positive COVID-19 cases and COVID-19 deaths.

On Monday, April 13- 117 new cases and 1 death was reported.

On Tuesday, April 14- 101 new cases and 5 deaths were reported.

On Wednesday, April 15- 84 new cases and 15 deaths were reported.

On Thursday, April 16- 120 new cases and 11 deaths were reported.

On Friday, April 17- 226 new cases and 3 deaths were reported.

This brings the total number of cases in Delaware County to 2281 and the total number of deaths to 74.

The number of positive cases has grown this week, and sadly so have the deaths. It is crucial that residents continue to be vigilant in their efforts to contain the virus. The Chester County Health Department (CCHD), who is overseeing the public health needs for Delaware County as it pertains to COVID-19, continues to urge residents to wear facial masks when in public, to limit travel to essential functions such as work or grocery shopping and to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from others.

As numbers rise, it is important that the public understands the process of the data gathering and the data itself. The public release of the data for new positive cases and deaths does not necessarily reflect the “real-time” situation. Not all of the positive cases and deaths are attributed to the day they are released publicly. Increases and decreases in cases can result from the time required by labs to process and record the tests, or tests being recorded in batches. This can cause a lag in reporting and then a jump in the number of cases from day to day. Today’s update, which includes 226 new cases is an example of the fluctuation of numbers due to data processing and data gathering.

The reporting of deaths is done through a process beginning with the Delaware County’s Medical Examiner’s office. The caseload and the time needed to investigate some cases can cause a lag in reporting to the CCHD, which may result in a jump and then a decrease in the number of deaths from day to day.

The spikes and lulls in reported positive cases and deaths are a result of cases being collected and analyzed and not a sole indication of a trend. The CCHD analyzes trends based on a number of factors including hospital admissions, the availability of tests and the number of cases reported in long-term care facilities. Similar to the region and nation, Delaware County’s COVID-19 cases include people who have compromised health and are more vulnerable and people who live within congregate-care or group living facilities.

Details on the data can be found on the Chester County Department of Health’s website:

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