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Job Opening: Deputy Sheriff
Department: Sheriff
Posting Date: February 13, 2020
Closing Date: ongoing
Shift: Variable


The Deputy Sheriff performs assigned duties pertaining to the operations and functions of the Civil, Transportation/Courts and Warrant Units of the Office of the Sheriff of Delaware County.

Essential Duties

Under the direction and oversight of the Sheriff, command and supervisory staff, the Deputy Sheriff will:

Serve civil process documents, such as writs, foreclosures, garnishments, eviction notices, etc., in accordance with rules of civil procedure and court orders

Document all served paperwork appropriately; complete all required forms or reports correctly and in a timely manner

Serve and execute eviction notices; oversee the eviction process, coordinate with moving company and locksmith, ensure the safety of all involved, often in inhospitable conditions

Serve out-of-county Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders. Assist local police departments with in-county PFAs by taking in all firearms relinquished per court order. Assist with serving in-county PFAs when needed

Assist with injunction enforcement if needed/requested; enforce injunction, monitor strike location, ensure compliance with court order, preserve the peace and arrest violators if necessary

Assist local/state police and other governmental agencies in unusual or emergency situations upon request

Transport prisoners securely to and from various adult and juvenile correctional facilities, both in and out of county, for court appearances; searches prisoner for contraband, weapons, etc., at time of pick up and arrival; secure prisoners in holding cells. Maintain safety and order within holding cell areas. Accept and process newly committed prisoners into holding cells

Escort secured prisoners from holding cell to assigned courtroom. Maintain safety and security within courtrooms; monitor for any potential confrontations/disturbances; respond to any type of breach of the peace or emergency situation that may arise in the courthouse or vicinity

Travel inter and intrastate for extraditions; review all arrangements and ensure the prisoner is securely transported to a holding facility

Assist with jury sequestration; provide jurors with escorts and security as needed

Take suspects arrested on various court/probation and parole violations, as well as Domestic Relations non-compliance warrants, into custody and transport to jail

Accept defendants who surrender or who are detained in Adult Probation and Parole, Juvenile Court or Domestic Relations, on outstanding warrants

Maintain peace at polling places on primary and election day, as called upon

Guard prisoners in hospital setting as needed

Receive and review warrants to be processed; communicate and coordinate with the Courts, District Attorney’s Office, Adult and Juvenile Probation and Parole, etc. regarding the processing, serving and removing/rescinding of warrants

Serve bench and other court warrants, locate and apprehend non-compliant defendants and transports to jail

Assist District Attorney, local law enforcement and U.S. Marshals Service with sweeps within the County and the region

Perform all other duties as assigned


  • High School Graduate, or equivalent

  • Must be at least 18 years of age; 21 years, or older preferred

  • United States Citizen and a resident of Delaware County

  • Must be able to pass stringent background check, to include: psychological and medical exam to determine fitness for duty, financial responsibility check, criminal history check, driving record check and drug testing

  • Must have valid PA Driver’s License

  • Must have successfully completed police academy, or sheriff’s academy training in last five years

  • Must be able to be certified as a Deputy Sheriff under the Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Training Act


Please email resume and/or application to County of Delaware Personnel Department at

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