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Job Opening: Juvenile Probation Officer
Department: Juvenile Court & Probation Services
Bargaining: (B)
Posting Date: November 17, 2023
Salary: $38,610 annually / $19.80 hourly

Position Description

Juvenile Probation Officer is responsible for accurately assessing, planning, supervising, and delivering balanced/restorative ehabilitative services to assigned clients, families, victims, or the community at large. Accurate and timely documentation of all case activity and findings using advanced technology; submission of required reports; Preparation for and participation in Juvenile Court hearings. Frequent travel to and from clients’ homes, job sites, placements (foster, detention, shelter, residential, or another place of confinement) to monitor clients’ wellbeing and progress. Meets with Supervisor as directed to discuss clients/cases/assignments, methods of treatment, problems, and progress regarding caseload or other general employment concerns. Participate in various types of fieldwork activities to ensure clients’ compliance and wellbeing, ensuring the safety of the community. Performs other related duties as required.

A Person employed as a probation officer may be assigned a specific role, classification or combination as determined by management in correlation with the needs of the department to ensure efficient delivery of all services.

Duties of Position

Under general supervision of the Regional Supervisor:

Meets with Supervisor regularly to discuss caseload, methods of treatment, discharge of clients, problems and progress and to receive case assignments or as needed to discuss/resolve unexpected problems, complicated situations, etc.

Mentors undergraduate and graduate student interns; meets regularly to review work, answer questions, and monitor the progress of cases.

Regularly attends and participates in various workgroups, staff meetings, or staff development projects.

Maintains client case files: documents all case activity and findings with reports, contact logs, etc. prepares and submits various periodic reports, forms, and summaries to various agencies.

Coordinates activities with District Attorney, Public Defender, private attorneys, etc. to resolve scheduling problems, assure smooth functioning of court proceedings, resolve questions of victim restitution, etc.

Visits juveniles detained at the Detention Center to plan for court hearings and case dispositions. Explains procedures, answers questions; seeks to diffuse their anger, calm their agitation, reduce stress, etc.

Communicates with family, police, school, and other case participants to obtain information and inform of current case status.

Monitors clients’ behavior to assure adherence to terms of probation. Visits or confers by phone with parents, school officials, employer, etc. to monitor activities; maintains contact with appropriate police forces in the community. Assures repayment of victim restitution. Schedules court hearing if violations occur. Conducts intake interviews on additional petitions generated by the client during the probationary period.

Advises, counsels, and otherwise assists clients as needed to foster personal, social, or familial adjustment.

Provides individual, family, or small group counseling.

Responds to requests from parents to discuss siblings and associated problems; Recommends a course of action and refers to outside agencies for assistance.

Provides or arranges for client transportation to shopping areas, residence, medical or program facilities, etc. May assist the client in obtaining an education, employment, legal advice, etc.

For the length of the probationary period, monitors and recommends changes to treatment plans. If residential placement is deemed necessary based on record or severity of petition, reviews available residential resources for appropriate programs for the juvenile; Contacts several institutions by phone or letter to inquire of client’s suitability. Submits a copy of juveniles’ case record to requesting institutions. Arranges for a preplacement interview with client and parents. Upon acceptance, schedules a court hearing to recommend placement selection. If rejected, schedules hearing to obtain an extension on placement deadline.

Obtains and provides the court with a summary of behavior and needs assessment; formulates and recommends a treatment plan for case disposition. Advises, counsels and otherwise assists clients to foster personal, social and familial adjustment; monitors behavior to assure adherence to terms of probation; conducts intake interview if additional charges of delinquency are filed against client or client’s siblings.

Conduct evidence-based assessments for behavior and needs, resulting in comprehensive case plans to address all identified needs with balanced and restorative attention to the victim, community, and the juvenile.

Prepares and facilitates comprehensive case plans addressing the needs and skill deficit necessary to rehabilitate the juvenile offender.

Complies with Federal, State and County regulations, department policies or directives and court directives or orders in the execution of duties.

Makes appropriate referrals to private and public agencies, psychological or psychiatric providers, drug and alcohol facilities or programs, or any other necessary treatments or programs; Communicates to the court and parties and facilitate any special needs, including health and education, of the juvenile.

Conducts field work to include but not limited to in-home visitation, community visitation, curfew monitoring, home search, transporting/accompanying juveniles to placement or other appointments, and general field supervision.

Administers various types of drug tests, interprets the results and transmits positive results to the contracted laboratory following all established protocols.

Meets regularly with juvenile and parents to discuss progress or problems. Occasionally observes juvenile at school, job, etc. or contacts school administrators to determine client’s attendance and progress. May alter the existing program or recommend a residential placement for the client if supervision in the community puts the juvenile or community at risk.

Schedules a court hearing to recommend in-patient services to the Judge or Hearing Officer; upon approval make necessary arrangements with service provider to admit the juvenile.

Collaborates with Domestic Relations to file referrals for support, discharges, or court updates that would impact the status of the Domestic Relations case.

Collaborates with Court Financial Services to ensure the collection and payment of court-ordered fines/costs and restitution.

Collaborate with office of District Attorney, Public Defender, local police departments, school districts, etc. to facilitate community relations; attends seminars and conferences on court related subjects; maintains awareness of trends, new developments, and changes in laws in field of Juvenile Justice.

Supervises and assists clients placed on probation or a child under the court’s protective supervision or care; Regularly oversee and visit juveniles in placement facilities.

Performs related duties as required.

Offense / Behavior Track

Manages offenders with similar behavior tracks or similar offense dispositions, to include but not limited to cases that contain sexual misconduct offenses, offenders with substance abuse disorders, mental health diagnosis, or other types of similar case types.

Intake / Pre-Disposition

Receives and examines written allegations, prepares and presents pre-trial recommendations.

Receives and evaluates cases for consideration of informal adjustment, consent decree, or other diversionary programs.

File delinquency petitions for allegations within a specific classification.

Receives juveniles in need of DNA sampling; collect a DNA sample and transmit to the PA DNA Laboratory.

Conducts pre-adjudicatory supervision and monitoring of clients with pending charges.

Conducts pre-disposition supervision and monitoring of clients post finding to prepare for disposition.

Conducts Intake interviews with first-time juvenile offenders and their families.

Gathers information to formulate a disposition recommendation.

Performs other related duties as required.

Community Services

Works to develop, implement, monitor, and maintain Community Service programs for eligible offenders in designated areas served by this department.

Serves as liaison to municipalities, community agencies, schools, civic groups, and businesses to develop volunteer, counseling, competency development and employment opportunities for juvenile offenders.

Provides career education assistance, including job application aid, workshops for resume writing, and skills for job interviews.

Assists in the development of mentoring opportunities involving local colleges/universities.

Conducts individual assessments to determine appropriate work site for the offender.

Monitors attendance of offenders at assigned work locations; investigates no-shows; schedules additional hours or schedules non-compliance appointments; presents a report of situation orally or in writing.

Maintains daily communication with offenders, parents/guardians, probation staff, District Attorney’s office, community work sites and Adult Community Service office to ensure efficient operation of the program.

Approve appropriate worksites, hours designated or worked; service time recorded.

Records and maintains accurate statistics for community service hours worked by offenders.

Performs other related duties as required.

Victim Services

Conducts an initial assessment of the victim’s circumstances and ongoing assessments as necessary.

Counsels the victim regarding significant actions/proceedings about the victim’s case.

Ensures that victims receive all pertinent information about their case including initial victims’ packet of information; notification of all scheduled court hearings; adjudication status.

Informs the victim of the juvenile offender’s home visitation schedule while in placement, as well as the offender’s release from placement and juvenile court supervision.

Based upon an assessment of the victim, determines the need for referral for counseling services or intervention by other social agencies.

Explains the purpose of the victim impact statement and may assist with the preparation and presentation of statement.

Informs victims of how the Crime Victim Compensation Claims program may assist them with the application for compensation.

Ensures victims are aware of their rights and entitlements within the Juvenile Court system.

Ensures all case related forms and documentation is received and appropriately distributed.

Assists victims with restitution issues and works closely with Probation staff to ensure these issues are addressed appropriately.

Performs duties according to established procedures of the department and PCCD.

Performs related duties as required.


Bachelor’s Degree in the behavioral and social sciences field including practicum or another type of field placement preferred; One to two years prior experience in counseling and social work to include direct service to clients and resulting in the attainment of the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities preferred.

Physical Requirements

Normal good health.

Working Conditions

Normal air-conditioned office. General Office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. 37.5 Hours/week. Ability to function well in high stress situations. Non-traditional work hours account for approximately 30% of working hours or more depending on the classification or current role. Evening or overtime as necessitated by caseload and activity of cases or for court appearances and public appearances. Exposure to distraught families, victims, etc. and disorderly juveniles. Frequent travel to and from the Juvenile Detention Center, clients’ homes, job sites, placement sites, etc. to monitor clients’ progress.

Residence Requirement: The County of Delaware has a residency requirement for employees. Anyone applying for this job must reside in Delaware County or be willing to move to the County within three months of starting employment.


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